Three generations producing Herbs

Tradicional bebida que se remonta a más de 200 años. Digestivo, estomacal elaborado a base de un máximo de 15 plantas de las Islas Pitiusas.  Nuestras Hierbas Ibicencas disponen del distintivo sello de Indicación Geográfica Protegida. 


Since 1925

25 %



Native plants

Ibizan herbs, the island's star product. It is a traditional drink that dates back more than 200 years. Digestive, stomachic made from a maximum of 15 plants from the Pitiusas Islands. Our Hierbas Ibicencas have the distinctive seal of Protected Geographical Indication in which we comply with the regulations on the basis of the processing and collection of plants.

Our beginnings date back to 1925, when the first of the three generations that have passed through the history of this small, family-run company decided to set up a small distillery in which to make their own liqueurs. They are the brothers Juan and Vicente Ferrer.

It all started a few years ago where their parents had a grocery shop in the Marina neighbourhood and over the years they began to acquire a range of drinks and that is where this hobby began to develop. Products like Hierbas Ibicencas, Palo, Vodka, Ron, Tequila, etc. These were the first drinks that began to be produced in the small distillery in front of Ibiza's maritime station, in Santa Eulària Avenue. In the 70's, the second generation, Fernando Ferrer, Juan and Vicente's nephew, was 14 years old when he started to learn the trade and a few years later he became the manager of the company.

His motivation, enthusiasm and youth caused sales to soar in the 80's, notably increasing the production of litres of various distillates. In addition to this, the needs of the market made it necessary to update and adapt to the needs of the client, which led Fernando to invest in machinery, tanks and, above all, to continue perfecting and improving the drinks, as well as always introducing new products to the market.

Nowadays, with almost 50 years in the company, his management continues to bear fruit, which allows us to continue to be well positioned in the market. Now it is his son David who has been learning the trade for a few years, the third generation. Fresh air that creates a good dupla where experience and youth allow a conservative and traditional approach on the one hand but on the other hand renewed. We could define ourselves as a small company of simple people, with love for what they do and with the desire to continue adding years, experiences and experiences.